Developing Technologies for Insect Control ...Naturally.

With the rising instances of insect-borne diseases, consumers have started taking more preventive measures, driving demand for insect repellents in the US and worldwide.  However, the presence of toxic chemicals, such as DEET, continue to restrain the growth of this market. 

A market shift to effective, non-toxic, continuous, daily use solutions is required.  

Our company, Naesscent, develops effective, targeted, natural solutions for insect control. Naesscent is a play on "Nascent, Natural, Essential, Scents". We are a science driven company with a robust R&D capability. Our number one focus is that our technologies are at least as effective as the currently available chemical alternative (i.e. DEET). But we also ensure that there are no off target effects. This means we repel mosquitos, but not bees, butterflies, dragon flies, you, your children, our food and water or the greater environment.

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Naesscent has a rapid formulation and screening platform that develops effective GRAS and 25b EPA compliant insect repellant formulations that are insect specific (i.e. mosquito).   EPA 25(b) compliant products are exempt from registration as a pesticide and do not have the same regulatory burden.   Our data backed repellent technologies are performing as well as, or better than, chemical alternatives, including DEET.   This means they perform at similar levels to DEET, but have minimal residual effect on animals or humans and minimal environmental impact.

Our solutions combined with slow release delivery tech and optimized for highly scaleable production technologies facilitate safe, sustainable, minimal impact insect repellency as a ubiquitous feature across the personal care product spectrum, agriculture and area sprays.  Naesscent has a truly disruptive platform that will allow our partners to gain current market share as well as expand their overall market opportunity.

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